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Solutions For Industrial Application
We have been a leading industrial supplier for over 45 years.
Listed below are just a few of our industrial solution.
Duratec™ - Plant Air and Inert Gas Piping
Duratec PipeIPEX is pleased to offer our new Duratec Air-Line system for fast, flexible plant air and inert gas piping. Duratec Air-Line offers the latest technology in piping for air, argon, nitrogen, CO2 and argon/CO2 gas mixtures. Duratec Air-Line piping systems are fast to install, easy to modify, simple to expand and adaptable to all existing metal piping or thermoplastic systems.
• Long coil lengths of 100ft and 300ft give flexibility of design and eliminate seral fitting joints common in stick piping. Duratec Fittings
• Pipe is flexible, can be easily bent by hand and stays to shape.
• Pipe and fittings can be quickly disassembled and reused as the customer’s needs change over time.
• The pipe is very lightweight and can be easily handled by one person. 100 feet of 3/4" Duratec Air-Line pipe weights 14 lbs.
• Nickel plated and stainless steel adapters are available for all types of industrial applications.

All-Flo - Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps
Allflo Pumps
• Patented Lube-Free, Non-Stall, Non-Freeze Air Systems
• All Plastic Air Systems
• Air Efficient
• Modular Design
• ATEX certified
• Conductive Plastic Pumps Available
• Pumps anything that will pour.
• Wide range of pump types and sizes.
• Patented lube-free air system.
• Will not stall at high speeds.
• 100% tested prior to shipment.
• Self-priming.
• Infinitely variable flow rate.
• Intermittent operation or continuous duty.
• Pumps fluids which contain particles.
• Pumps high viscosity fluids.
• Reduced solvent flash-off.
• Dual manifold capability for 1/4” to 1” models.
• 1/2” and 1” pumps are available in clamp style or bolt together style.

Enfield Fusion - Polypropylene Pipe and Fittings
Enfusion FittingsThe Enfield socket fusion system consists of flame retardant polypropylene pipe, fittings, traps and accessories necessary for the drainage of laboratory and industrial waste chemicals. It can also be used in conjunction with Enfield’s mechanical joint
system and Enfield’s Encase double containment system.
Asahi/America Diaphragm Valves
• Precise throttling of corrosive liquids.
• Bubble-tight closure even in slurry applications. Asahi Valves
• Position indicator with adjustable travel stop to prevent over-tightening.
• Body/elastomer combinations allow use in 85% of all CPI applications.
• Optional 3-part sandwiched PTFE/PVDF/EPDM gas barrier diaphragm.
• Flanged models: 1/2"- 10"ANSI, 150lb bolt pattern.
• Diaphragms: PTFE, EPDM (standard).
Other elastomers, such as nitrile (Buna N),
butyl, Hypalon, neoprene and natural
rubber, are also available.
• Electric and pneumatic actuators available.
Reed Quick Release Wheel CuttersReed Pipe Cutters
Quick release tubing cutters were invented by Reed and are available in capacities up to 10” (8” IPS). Reed uses a ball detent or threaded screw for the wheel pin as opposed to a grooved pin and clip which is easily lost and makes wheel changes difficult. No other cutter on the market tracks or cuts as well!