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Solutions For Biopharm
Harrington has been the service leader in high-purity applications for over 50 years.
Here are just a few of our Biopharm Solutions.
Harrington Pure

Harrington Pure, a division of Harrington Industrial Plastics, offers a wide variety of quality tubing, piping, valves and fittings for the high-purity markets including; microelectronics, solar, specialty chemicals, life-sciences, food, dairy and beverage. Harrington Pure offers unparalleled service and expertise with a team of High Purity specialists and knowledgable sales staff in over 50 sales locations nationwide.

Sani-Tech S.I.B. and Flanged Piping Systems
For engineered, high-purity plastic piping systems of polypropylene and PVDF, the Sani-Tech S.I.B. and field flange forming equipment have set the standard in the BioPharm industry for the past decade. A complete mechanical or welded system is available in sizes from 1/4" to 3". All fittings, valves and controls are available with weld or clamp ends and with no metal contact surfaces. Custom fabrication of bioprocess tanks and vessels is available, ensuring complete system integration.

Features Include:
• Virtually crevice-free sanitary connections for polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and polypropylene tubing.
• Connection surface finish of 5 Ra or better.
• Minimizes particulate accumulation and contamination; reduces the potential for biofilms and bacterial adhesion.
• Completely cleanable; minimizes clean-in-place (CIP) cycle.
• Can be used in systems meeting FDA, USDA, 3A, USP Class VI and NSF requirements. Typical applications include pharmaceutical, biotechnology, D.I. water, semiconductor, and food/beverage industries.

Our in-house hose assembly shops provide quick turnaround on your custom assemblies.
Harrington provides flexible assemblies in the following FDA, USP, USDA, and 3A approved materials:
• Smooth bore PTFE with braided stainless and EPDM covers
• Convoluted PTFE with braided stainless and polypropylene covers
• Braided and wire-reinforced platinum cured silicone assemblies, with validation materials and lot traceability if required.
• Vinyl hoses with unitized nonmetallic molded ends.
• A variety of rubber hose assemblies approved for use in biotechnology and pharmaceutical plants.
• Stainless steel crimped end connections including Tri-Clamps®, compression tube ends, male and female threads, cam and groove fittings, and ANSI flanges.
• Smooth Inner Bore and Flare Thru™ designs in PTFE eliminate entrapment areas for bacteria or contamination.
• S.I.B. molded ends on silicone assemblies are crevice free to inhibit bacterial growth.
Sealing and Fluid Transfer Systems
Harrington offers a complete line of platinum cured silicone and Santoprene tubing products that can be used in peristaltic pump applications, sterile filling and media transfer. These tubing products are available in a multitude of sizes, in 25', 50' and 100' rolls. Complete cross references for all pump manufacturers are also available. In addition to silicone tubing, we offer a complete line of silicone stoppers and specialty closure devices for carboys, small glass media bottles, and larger glass storage containers. These closures can be designed to suit your specific application.
Colder BioPharm/Quick Disconnect Couplings MPC Series Couplings

• Available in ABS, Polycarbonate and Polysulfone.
• Ergonomic thumb latch.
• Audible “click” when connected.
• Meets USP Class VI criteria, and MEM elution, agarose overlay and hemolysis in vitro.
• Sterilizable by autoclave, ETO, gamma irradition and E-beam.
• Coupling halves can be rotated when connected.
• Thin, tapered barb minimizes dead space between
tubing and coupling.

MPU Series Couplings

• 3/4" hose barb.
• Sealing caps and plugs are available.
• Audible “click” when connected.
• Locking feature.
• Medical-grade polysulfone.
• Sharp barb ends.
• Shrouded, leak-free seal and smooth, internal flow path.
• Low profile, lightweight.
Masterflex Pumps

• High purity materials
- USP, FDA, 3A, EP, and NSF approved
• Easy clean-up
• High accuracy for filling or metering additives